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A Quick Course in Our Certifications

You’re a conscious consumer…we know you are! You’ve done your homework.  You know that “all natural” is a meaningless phrase.  You know that “cruelty-free” is just lip-service unless it’s backed up.  You know that “vegan” means that something is made without any animal ingredients or by-products.  You’re smart, you’re savvy and if nothing else…You Care!  That’s what we love about you! We care too, which is why we’ve taken the extra steps to ensure that our products meet the standards set by the USDA, PETA, and VeganAction. 

Like books, labels are not to be judged solely by their outward appearance.  Each of the certifications we have chosen has a deep set of values, knowledge and commitment which provide the meaning behind the labels that represent them.

As we grow, we learn more about how we can improve our commitment to keeping the planet safe, while providing the purest, safest products for you.  We’ve learned some things about the certification landscape that can help us and you make even more informed decisions along the way…after all…It’s About Us & It’s About You

Unpacking “ORGANIC”

If the Organic label is not associated with agencies that have well-defined standards that qualify it, making clear what that term means, then the term and the commitment implied by the term are empty…meaningless.  The term “Organic” can be as meaningless as the terms “Natural” or “All Natural”. 

Labels like the ones below mean nothing on their own.

You have doubtless seen these labels on countless products, websites and marketing materials. Their visual design tries to generate the feeling of authenticity that comes from age-old, time worn values, a time before synthetic materials and ingredients. Or they offer a minimally clean and “modern” design language that strives for a “nothing-to-hide-here” clarity. But on their own they are meaningless. As you no doubt already know, the term “Natural” is unregulated in the Health and Beauty context, and the term “Organic”, without the proper backing of a regulating body, capable of enforcement, is just as meaningless.

Why We Use the USDA Organic Label

As a company whose values are founded on the belief that Every Ingredient That Touches Your Body Matters, we searched the spectrum of possible certifications that would help ensure that our entire production process was inline with those values. In order to provide you with the highest quality, purest products, that are Safe For You & Safe For Our Planet, we chose the USDA Organic Certification. Read more about why this was the right choice for achieving these goals.

More Info...Coming Soon

Unpacking “Cruelty-Free”

You might think that “cruelty-free” is a blatantly obvious choice for any company, but unfortunately there are many Health and Beauty products that are needlessly tested on animals. Much like other unregulated terms, “cruelty-free” is meaningless without being qualified with clear guidelines and strict adherence all the way through the production and supply chain.

Labels like the ones below are NOT strong commitments to cruelty-free practices

Several organizations have dedicated themselves to promoting and ensuring through verification, and self-reporting that companies are committed to “cruelty-free” practices. If they meet these standards they are able to use the “Cruelty-Free” labels associated with them. Label designs that are not officially associated with PETA, Leaping Bunny, or Choose Cruelty Free abound but are meaningless without the well-defined commitments promoted by these certifying organizations.

Why We Use the PETA Cruelty-Free Label

Choosing to make truly cruelty-free products is a “no-brainer” for us.  We are committed to ensuring that throughout our supply chain, and production processes no animals are harmed or used for testing.  Read more about the difference between the various cruelty-free certifications and why we chose the PETA Cruelty Free Certification as our first step in our path to keeping our animal friends safe.

More Info...Coming Soon

Unpacking “Vegan”

To Be, or Not To Be…that is the perennial Vegan Question.  We know that you know what it means to be vegan.  No animal products or by-products in the things you use or eat.  Easy, right?  In theory, yes, in practice it’s more complicated.  Being committed to a vegan product is a 100% commitment…period.  No animal products, no animal by-products, no testing on animals, and no exploiting animals in the production process.  It’s something that is easy to pay lip service to but hard to commit to fully. Which is why there are organizations that promote and back that commitment, but also why there are labels and claims that promise it without backing up that promise with well-defined certification standards.

Labels like the ones below might be a sign of good intentions but fall shy of the full commitment of certification

Defining the terms of any commitment is the key to understanding how that commitment is built together as a community.  Acknowledging that transparency and clarity form the basis of trust, and help to build genuine connections between interests and values is a critical part of any form of progress.  That’s why we believe genuine certifications with clear and well-articulated guidelines are so important.

Why We Use the Vegan Action Label

From the initial ideas that inspire our products, to the processes that bring them into reality, we are committed to a plant-based approach that completely excludes the use of animal products, by-products or animal exploitation.  Our Vegan Action Certification proudly announces to our community that we hold these values to be self-evident.  Read more about what inspires this approach and how we’re committed to promoting it with our products.

More Info...Coming Soon

The certifications that we choose for our products are an expression of our values and a reflection of our commitment to provide products made with the highest quality ingredients and production standards.  We are constantly evaluating where we stand and striving to go one step further.  Check back here for more exciting information about how we’re growing, learning and bettering ourselves and our products through research and understanding. 

Leave a comment if you have suggestions, knowledge, or opinions on how we’re doing and what we can do better.  We’re always open!

It’s About Us & It’s About You


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