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Although we’re not yet quite out of the winter season, you might be getting that Spring cleaning bug while you’re organizing and packing up your holiday decorations. As you’re gearing up for Spring, and the fresh start we often strive for during this time, it’s the perfect time to ditch those toxic expensive cleaners and[…]

Why We Use the USDA Organic Certification

Understanding all of the different organic certifications that exist is a daunting task.  Knowing if the product you want has the correct certifications adds another level of complexity.  Below we break it down for you so that you can return to this page over and over again to check and see if what you’re buying[…]

A Quick Course in Our Certifications

You’re a conscious consumer…we know you are! You’ve done your homework.  You know that “all natural” is a meaningless phrase.  You know that “cruelty-free” is just lip-service unless it’s backed up.  You know that “vegan” means that something is made without any animal ingredients or by-products.  You’re smart, you’re savvy and if nothing else…You Care! […]


Accidents happen…that’s just the nature of daily life for everyone.  You forget to apply your sunscreen before your day at the beach.  Your little one is still learning about “hot” and accidentally touches your freshly poured cup of morning coffee. It just happens. It happened twice this week! All of a sudden you’re faced with[…]


My grandmother Jean was a wise woman…as many grandmothers are. Looking back, I’m amazed at the number of tricks she used to solve her everyday problems that didn’t involve disposable products as an “easy” but wasteful solution.  We call these tricks “hacks,” now, but to her it was just the way things were done.  Now[…]

4 Steps to Avoid the Dreaded #AmazonPackagingFail

Let’s be real. If you’ve ever ordered anything on Amazon you’ve likely experienced the infamous #AmazonPackagingFail, even if you didn’t know it was “a thing”.  As usual, you ordered a single, small item using your Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping option, or Prime Now.  Lo and behold! A box many times larger than necessary arrives at[…]