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Combine the Best Properties of Rose & Lavender with this Burn Salve

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Accidents happen…that’s just the nature of daily life for everyone.  You forget to apply your sunscreen before your day at the beach.  Your little one is still learning about “hot” and accidentally touches your freshly poured cup of morning coffee. It just happens. It happened twice this week! All of a sudden you’re faced with a minor burn that needs soothing and healing relief.

We love this recipe for an all natural Rose & Lavender Burn Salve.  It combines the anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, cooling and soothing  properties of both ingredients with Lavender’s —Lavendula angustifolia–unique properties of tissue collagen replacement and wound contraction. 

Along the way, this recipe calls for a Rose & Lavender Water, a powerful beauty potion that hydrates, heals, and maintains the skin’s pH balance.  BONUS!

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Rose & Lavender Water

Step 1 • Remove Rose petals from fresh Roses from the garden.  Avoid Roses from the florist, as they are often treated with harsh preservative chemicals.  Rinse them and measure out 1 cup of packed petals

Step 2 • Cover and boil 2 -3 cups of distilled water (you can adjust to vary the concentration).  Add the Roses to the distilled water and bring to a boil.  Immediately lower to a simmer.

Step 3 • Gently simmer until the Roses fade in color — almost to a white color.

Step 4 • Take the Roses off of the heat, but leave the lid on until the room temp

Step 5 • Add 10 drops of Rooterra Organics Lavender Oil when Rose water is room temperature.  It’s important to let the Rose water cool, before adding the Lavender Oil.

Optional Step •  If you want to take the long route, and you have some organically grown Lavendula angustifolia handy, you can follow the same instructions for the rose water above and create your own lavender water.  We highly recommend that you make sure you are using the correct variety of Lavender, and that it is grown without chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.

what to do next…

Rose & Lavender Burn Salve

Step 1 • Place a glass container in a pot filled with water (bain marie).

Step 2 • Add the Beeswax, the Coconut Oil and the Shea Butter to the glass container. 

Step 3 • Put the burner on low and slowly heat up the water and melt the Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.  Once they are all melted, use a glass rod or clean spatula to blend well (by stirring).

Step 4 • Add the Raw Manuka Honey while still on the heat.  Stir until well blended.

Step 5 • Remove from heat and add the Rose & Lavender water that you made earlier.  Stir until fully mixed.

Step 6 • Let the mixture cool for a minute (but do not let it harden — it must remain a liquid while you add the Lavender Oil.

Step 7 • Immediately pour into a glass container or tin for your salve tap on counter lightly to help remove air bubbles

Step 8 • Leave in place, cover with cloth, and let harden overnight or for 6 hours.  Cover and ready to use.

REMINDER:  When heating the waxes and oil its important that the mixture remains on low heat.  It should be just warm enough to melt the mixture.

For best results keep your newly prepared Burn Salve in the fridge. It should last 6 months in the fridge but use clean hands when touching the salve. The salve needs to be stored in airtight container.

Apply 3-4 times daily for 3-5 day.  Cover with loose gauze after applying to increase effectiveness.

WHy We Believe it Works

Petroleum based Burn Slaves are counter productive to Natural Healing, and store bought products often come with environmentally unsafe packaging.  This Rose & Lavender Burn Salve solves both of the problems, while providing a wonderfully smelling, soothing remedy for those everyday minor burns.  Accidents Managed!

Every Ingredient That Touches Your Skin Matters

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