A Journey of Ten Thousand Choices…

When we started Rooterra Organics in 2017, one of our core values was to strive for an environmentally conscious production process and zero waste product packaging.  We soon realized that some of the best practices were just out of reach for small companies with limited start-up funds that also make their products in small batches.  Never one’s to let the perfect become the enemy of the good, we decided to draw up a plan, take as big a first step as we could, and bring our customers along on our journey with us!

This is where we are…

We view the quality of our product as more than just a commitment to the best 100% Organic ingredients.  We view every aspect of our packaging with the same level of scrutiny and care.

We strive for a zero-waste solution to every component that goes into our products.  We strive for reusable components, that can be recycled or composted.  Our goal is eliminate single-use plastic from all of our packaging, and stop the flow of post-consumer waste into our environments.

This is where we’re going…

What’s next for the Box?

Although our current boxes are made of 100% FSC Certified paper product, we can go much further in the next iteration. 

We plan to use 100% Vegetable Inks for a more earth-friendly plant based printing process.

We’ve located manufacturing partners that can produce and print our boxes using 100% Renewable Solar and Wind Energy.  Our next iteration will take advantage of these improvements.

What’s next for the Bottle?

High Quality Frosted Amber Glass, Compostable Bio-Plastic Labels, Recyclable Aluminum Cap…what more can we do to improve the bottle?

Our goal for the bottle is to only use reusable or recyclable components.  In order to meet that goal we are working to eliminate the plastic shrink band by using an aluminum seal on the inside of the cap. 

This will also allow us to eliminate the PET (polyethylene) cap liner that prevents leaking in our aluminum caps, and adds to your zero-waste collecting jar.

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